Michael Zaporozhets



I am a tools-agnostic creator with over a decade of experience in designing and developing products, platforms and experiences in the digital space.

I specialise in
  • Design (UI/UX)
  • Development
  • Protyping/Ideation
  • Product Management
  • Commercial Management
I am also experienced in:
  • Business Development/Tendering Process
  • Digital Team Leadership
  • Procurement
Extracurricular ( Past / Present )
  • Guitar
  • Woodworking
  • Classical Ballet (8 years)
  • Choir (8 years)
  • Double Bass (8 years)


9/2018 - present
Staff Software Engineer (Senior UX Engineer, Predix)General Electric

Return to the UX team, working on Predix Studio and Predix Design System products in a mixed role across engineering and design functions.

5/2017 - 9/2018
Technical LeadGeorge Patterson, Y&R (Y&R ANZ)

As lead for both pure technical and creative technology capacities at Y&R, my responsibilities are to: Build and nurture a high-velocity development team, Lead development of all digital output, Develop best practises, workflows and frameworks for both local and national teams, Work alongside creative/strategy departments in an advisory and ideation capacity, Act as thought-leader and client-facing lead for all things technology

1/2016 - present
Creative TechnologistALAUD

All things creative tech. from pitch to finish. - Developed key technologies for Calvin Klein's 2016 Fall Collection Launch and Desert Rave events - Managed creative, design and development of interactive experiences at Domaine Chandon Winery's tour redevelopment.

4/2015 - 5/2017
Senior UI/UX DeveloperBitstew/GE Digital

I was brought on to refresh and architect a brand new user experience for Bitstew's MIX Director (Known now as Predix Studio), an Industrial IoT Visualisation and Management platform. From wireframes, through to finished designs to front end architecture, I helped lead each stage towards the eventual acquisition and integration into GE Digital's Predix software suite.

9/2014 - 1/2015

Front-end development and design for various projects

4/2014 - 1/2015
Head of CreativePRISMATIK

Creative Direction, Marketing strategy, Rapid Prototyping, Innovation research, Copywriting, UX and Branding

1/2014 - 2/2015
Digital Creative DirectorSnow

Founded and ran a 'Creative Technology As a Service' (CTAAS) Agency. Creative Direction, Technical Leadership, Design and Development of all work being output. This was a /terrible/ idea, but there's nothing like trial by fire.

9/2013 - 4/2014

Copywriter, Video editor, animator, UX consult, concept artist, traditional artist, concept developer and pretty much everything else you can think of.

7/2013 - 9/2013
Front-end Web DeveloperEdelman

Responsible for all front-end and UX for GEReports 1.0, UX for GE Capital & developed sites for Samsung, Paypal, Shell, etc.

1/2013 - 7/2013
Front-end Web DeveloperThe Creative Company

At The Creative Company, I initially came on the team as a junior front-end developer- however during my last three months I fulfilled duties as a full-stack developer as well as IT Manager.


Aron GrahamDirector User Experience Design

“What has always impressed me with Michael is his ability to rapidly absorb vast amounts of knowledge and apply it with creativity and artistry to high quality products designs. Michaels ability to develop truly visionary designs that still manage to fit within the constraints of customer demands makes him a rare entity indeed and a truly Creative Technologist in every sense. I very rarely write recommendations for people as they often sound somewhat insincere or contrived but I am posting one for Michael because he is one of those rare individuals that will absolutely, without a doubt, help any team creating exciting bleeding edge tech absolutely dominate their market. if you are lucky enough to have Michael apply for a position in your team do not waste any more time with other candidates. hire this man on the spot”

28/4/2017, Aron managed Michael at GE Digital
Rob MorrisManaging Director

“Michael has the rare gift of being able to thrive in ambiguity, and is impressively adaptable, naturally talented and driven to succeed. Bright and always up for a challenge, he is a fast learner who responds well to guidance and works well in teams or alone. He does great work, and I'm thoroughly impressed.”

11/1/2015, Rob managed Michael at Prismatik
Jamal HamidiExecutive Creative Director

“Incredibly smart, tirelessly dedicated, and always on the hunt for a newer, better, more creative way of solving problems, Michael tackles every assignment with boundless energy and good humour. If you need a fiendishly clever and capable addition to your team, Michael's your guy.”

18/5/2014, Jamal managed Michael at Edelman
Samuel GoodwinWeb Architect

“I hired Michael with no experience, but with a raw talent beyond his years, and it paid off in droves. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough, for his commitment, passion and effort in his work, and excellent knowledge of web development, especially javascript (not just jQuery). I believe, and am confident, that he will go along way in his field of expertise, and will watch his career growth with great interest.”

21/6/2013, Samuel managed Michael at Edelman


I'm yet to add anything here.


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